SHINee’s Comeback #12 The Power of SHINee World

Within a few minutes of its release, the teaser became the #1 WORLD WIDE Trending Topic throughout the Twitterverse. Incredibly, this trend was also unplanned. Shinee Forums International was also counting down as fans celebrated through hyperventilating and deadly spazz attacks. Promisingly enough, SMent’s Youtube account was updated immediately at 8KST! Fans rejoiced and cheered worldwide! Their transformations for this concept is breathtaking. From the early boy-next-door image to current manly futuristic style, Shinee has done it again! Ultimately, Shinee has proven to remain true to their contemporary band label by captivating hundreds of Shawols and garnering interests from other KPOP fandoms through the use of their fresh looks and unique hairstyles. Because of this, the 37 seconds teaser can’t be helped but put on Replay, Replay, Replay (pun totally intended) by excited Shawols. Even the Twitter description agrees, referring to “SHINEE TEASER” as “completely epic”. So what else is there to say? Oh, right… SHINEE’S BACK! Fierce than ever before. In the words of Onew: “Are you ready?” Luciferrr!

credit : mongsterr17


2 thoughts on “SHINee’s Comeback #12 The Power of SHINee World

  1. hey,
    could you help me, i find it hard to navigate your site, just tell me where to click to find all lyrics. thanks a lot, you’re a blessing ^^

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