SHINee’s Comeback #15 SMent Explained The True Meaning of SHINee’s Lucifer

Ever since Shinee’s album cover has been revealed last night, fans and netizens alike questioned the use of ‘LUCIFER’ in their promotions. The big blow to this upcoming release was on the view of Christianity amongst its fans. To clarify such issue, SM Entertainment has released a statement about the true meaning of LUCIFER.

Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the confusion – fans have also explained how the word ‘LUCIFER’ plays in the lyrics and representation of the song.

On the 16th, Sm Entertainment released Idol group SHINee’s image of their 2nd album ‘Lucifer’, releasing SHINee’s image at 10PM on that day required huge amount of technology/skills, to display the members’ new look.

*Members using their eye expression to show their main song ‘Lucifer’, in Christianity, Lucifer means the falling angel of the devil. SHINee with a refreshing image in the past activities, showed a big transformation and a feeling of approaching in their 2nd album.

SM expressed that ” A selfish heart, persevering love, wrongly threatened and repeatedly revolving appearance of an angel and devil, lovers having a vague feeling in Lucifer” “The meaning of religion is to have courage”.

Source: Daum
Credits: Baidu & SHINeecn
Chinese translation: 蓝
English translation: babyblue-@soompi


3 thoughts on “SHINee’s Comeback #15 SMent Explained The True Meaning of SHINee’s Lucifer

  1. Its great! A lot of fans are waiting for their comeback Shinee has been active only in Japan nowadays. Thanks for your post!

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