[LYRIC] SHINee – 화살 (Quasimodo) (hangul+romanization+translation)

Korean lyrics by Jo Inhyung
Composed & Arranged by Michael Lee
*The Korean title “화살” translates to “Arrow”.
*Quasimodo is the hunchback from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.
*This track is a remake of Michael Lee’s “Don’t Say”.
*I tagged the names & added the adlibs myself, so they may or may not be correct.



[종현] 가슴 가득한 그대 흔적
나를 숨쉬게 해요
[온유] 달빛에 긴 밤이 모두 물들면
헤어날 수 없는 기다림 다 끝이 날까요
[태민] 기적을 빌어 묻고 답해요

[태민] 오 그대 맘에 닿고 싶은 날 말하지
[종현] 못해 시린 구름 뒤에 가린 별빛들처럼
[Key] 사랑해 입술 끝에 맴돌던 아픈 고백 모두
[온유] 끝내 눈물에 흘러

[Key] 심장에 닿은 이 화살은 이젠 내 몸 같겠죠
[민호] 죽을 만큼 너무 아파도
[종현] 내 맘에 박힌 그대를 꺼낼 수 없네요
[온유] 사랑이라서 난 사랑이라서

[온유] 나 그댈 갖지 못해도 내 맘이
[Key] 끝내 슬픈 인연의 벽 앞에 가로막혀도
[태민] 사랑해 바라볼 수만 있는 곳이라면
[종현] 그댄 내 전부니까

[Key] 수 많은 밤 지새우다
[종현] 내 눈물 같은 별빛이 멎지 않는 비가 되면
[온유] 기억해요 내가 사랑했단 걸

[태민] 나 그댈 갖지 못해도 내 맘이
[온유] 끝내 슬픈 인연의 벽 앞에
가로막혀도, 그댈 사랑해
[민호] 바라볼 수만 있는 곳이라면
[종현] 그댄 내 전부니까

[All] 그댈 갖지 못해도 내 맘이 ([종현] I need you)
끝내 슬픈 인연의 벽 앞에 가로막혀도
([종현] I am trying not to cry over you, baby)
그대를 사랑해 바라볼 수만 있는 곳이라면
([Key] 널 사랑해, 그대를 사랑해)
그댄 내 전부니까

[종현] 힘겹지 않아요, oh no
[태민] 내 그대라 그대니까
[온유] 아파도 울려도 사랑해


[Jonghyun] Gaseum gadeuk.han geudae heunjeok
Nareul soomshwigae haeyo
[Onew] Dal.bit.chae gin bami modu mooldeulmyeon
Hye.eonal su eopneun gidarin da kkeutchi nalkkayo
[Taemin] Gijeokeul bileo mootgo dap.haeyo

[Taemin] Oh, geudae mamae datgo shipeun nal malhaji
[Jonghyun] Mot.hae shirin gooreum dwi.ae garin byeolbitdeul.cheoreom
[Key] Saranghae ipsool kkeutae maemdoldeon apeum gobaek modu
[Onew] Kkeutnae noonmulae heulleo

[Key] Shimjangae datneun ee hwasaleun
Eejen nae mom gatgaetjyo
[Minho] Jukeul mankeum neomu apado
[Jonghyun] Nae mamae bak.hin geudaereul kkeonael su eopnaeyo
[Onew] Sarangeeraseo nan sarangeeraseo

[Onew] Na geudael gatji mot.haedo nae mami
[Key] Kkeutnae seulpeun inyeonae byeok apaegaromak.hyeodo
[Taemin] Saranghae barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
[Jonghyun] Geudaen nae jeonbunikka

[Key] Su maneun bam jisae.ooda
[Jonghyun] Nae noonmul gateun byeol.bit.chi
Meotji anneun biga dwaemyeon
[Onew] Gieok.haeyo naega saranghaetdan geol

[Taemin] Na geudael gatji mot.haedo nae mami
[Onew] Kkeutnae eulpeun inyeonae byeok apae
Garomak.hyeodo, geudaereul saranghae
[Minho] Barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
[Jonghyun] Geudaen nae jeonbunikka

[All] Na geudael gatji mot.haedo nae mami kkeutnae ([Jonghyun] I need you)
[Key] Seulpeun inyeonae byeok apaegaromak.hyeodo
([Jonghyun] I am trying not to cry over you, baby)
[Taemin] Saranghae barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
([Key] Neol saranghae, geudaereul saranghae)
Geudaen nae jeonbunikka

[Jonghyun] Himgyeopji anayo, oh no
[Taemin] Nae geudaera geudaenikka
[Onew] Apado oolryeodo saranghae


[Jonghyun] Your traces that my heart is filled with
Makes me able to breathe
[Onew] When the long night is colored by the moonlight
Will the inescapable wait all end?
[Taemin] I wish for a miracle and ask and answer myself

[Taemin] Oh, I can’t tell you about me, who wants to reach your heart
[Jonghyun] Like the starlight hidden behind the cold clouds
[Key] I love you, in the end, this painful confession
That lingers at the edge of my lips
[Onew] Slides down in tears

[Key] This arrow that’s reached my heart
Feels like a part of my body now
[Minho] Even though it hurts to death
[Jonghyun] I can’t remove you, who’s stuck in my heart
[Onew] Because it’s love, because for me, it’s love

[Onew] Even if I can’t have you, even when my heart
[Key] Is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection
[Taemin] I love you, if it’s a place, where I can just watch you
[Jonghyun] Because you’re my everything

[Key] I stay up for so many nights
[Jonghyun] When the starlight becomes rain
That doesn’t stop like my tears
[Onew] Remember that I loved you

[Taemin] Even if I can’t have you, even when my heart
[Onew] Is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection, I love you
[Minho] If it’s a place, where I can just watch you
[Jonghyun] Because you’re my everything

[All] Even if I can’t have you, even when my heart ([Jonghyun] I need you)
Is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection,
([Jonghyun] I am trying not to cry over you, baby)
I love you, if it’s a place, where I can just watch you
([Key] I love you, I love you)
Because you’re my everything

[Jonghyun] It’s not tough, oh no
[Taemin] Because you have to be mine
In order for you to be you
[Onew] Even if it hurts
Even if you make me cry
I love you

Korean Cr. rocketdiary @ Twitter
Cr. kimchi hana & ☆jennyjjong. @ shineee.net
shared by : meeramaruu.wordpress.com

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55 thoughts on “[LYRIC] SHINee – 화살 (Quasimodo) (hangul+romanization+translation)

  1. I swear this song makes me melt every time I hear it. Thanks for the translation! ❤

  2. I absolutely love this song! Thank you so much for the lyrics and translations! Kamsamnida! …I hope I spelled it right xD

  3. Thank You so much for doing these! Especially since you did all my favorites on this album! lol Thx again! 🙂

  4. wow…. amazing song…. jonghyun is a GENIUSS! This song sounds beautiful, has beautiful meaning, and is probably one of the most touching songs i have ever heard.
    everyone’s voice sounds so good singing this song too. love how the story is about quasimodo from the hunchback of notre dame. the sad thing is, the story this song is based on is so sad…. i wonder what jonghyun felt when he wrote this…

  5. hi can you help me to find Don’t Say lyrics?
    I’m seeking and sicking to find it hehe

  6. I love SHINee and your lyrics are really helpful! I love that you have them here in both English and Korean so I can sing along AND understand the songs. Thanks! I’ll continue to use your lyrics.

  7. hello~ so good, u posted the shinee quasimodo lyrics…. btw, can we be affiliates? since both of us are posting a same theme, kpop lyrics and translation although i post the translation in a different language. so good to know you then. 🙂

  8. I just think they should add more parts for Minho, because I noticed, he only has 2. Too bad, for me, he has a good voice just like everybody else in the group. Anyway, thanks for translating, I love the meaning so much 😀 kekkeke

  9. so freaking sad… i heart key all the way… its breaks my heart to see him cry…

  10. one of my most favorite songs of shinee… really sweet… thanks for the hanggul (cause its helping me practice reading korean)
    for the romanticized hanggul so that i could sing the song, and for the translation, now i can say i fully understood what they were saying, hahaha, :))

  11. i also agree with checkmate8, they should give more parts to minho-hyung… yes, hyung, because im a guy, haha, he may not be the best singer in the group but he’s also good, like in the last part, i never really noticed that it was him singing that high note after onew-hyung because i thought “nah, they won’t give minho-hyung something that high”, then i saw it here, and then listened to it and realized that it really was him, with that kind of singing, him and taemin might be at the same level, but still, he gets less parts… don’t know why… maybe because he’s the rapper? but still… junhyung in b2st gets a lot of parts… haha, :p well, i like them all, but its just too unfair for me to hear that jonghyun-hyung and onew-hyung gets almost all the parts, taemin and key-hyung getting some little to almost a lot of parts, and minho-hyung being stuck with one to three lines of lyrics only, its like what is he? props? a backup dancer? or a backup vocalist? but i still like shinee… sm entertainment? not as much… 🙂

  12. TT_TT
    Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics.
    kinda sad with the majority of kpop world, I mean why do the groups always promote upbeat dance tracks instead of this kind of ballads from their albums to prove they can really sing?
    I never had much respect over SHINee before I listened to this full album.

  13. Thanks for the lyric ^^. Actually I love this song so much but I wasn’t know the title. Btw, what’s the meaning of quasimodo ?

  14. what does adlib mean?? they often say it but i don’t know what does mean 😀 thanks before ^^


  16. nice song 😀 but there’s something wrong, Jonghyun sings “I’m trying, diying, crying for you baby” ^^.

  17. This song is so beautiful, thank you for the translation! Did Jonghyun really write this?<3

  18. This song is, like, all of my feelings. It makes me cry every time I listen to it.
    Such a beautiful song, though ❤

    (not sure why, but every time I hear it, I think of Key…)

  19. it’s one of my favorite songs! taemin’s voice is very awesome~ i like it ^^
    thank for upload the translation~ it has a deep meaning in this song ^^

  20. ya Tuhan, harusnya gue gak pernah tau ada lagu ini….. atau paling nggak tau translation dari lagu ini… atau paling nggak gak pernah dengerin teriakannya Jonghyun pas bilang “I am trying not to cry over you, baby”

    *nangis kejer*

    sialaaaaaaan, ini lagu enak sekaligus nancep banget di hati

  21. Omggg this song is about Notre Dome, i didnt even know what is the meaning Quasimodo then I saw Notre Dome book and I shocked becauseee his name is Quasimodo 😯

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