SHINee’s Comeback #23 SHINee’s ‘Thanks To’ Messages in Lucifer Album


The second album~! It’s finally out~ First of all~ I’m really really happy~ My parents~! I’ll try a bit to avoid trouble~ Hahaha… Teacher Lee Sooman who recognized me as SHINee’s Onew at first sigh~^^ President Kim Youngmin who tells me a lot of things whenever we meet~ Director Jung Changhwan who always works hard for the album~ So tha our vocals can always sound better! Director Yoo Youngjin who works on good tracks. ^^ I sincerely thank you~! And~ We are one, Jin hyung, Kyungshik hyung, and Seungeop hyung~ And Youngjun hyung, Daebin hyung, Kyungjae hyung, Jihong hyung, and Yongdeok hyung who have always been with SHINee until now, fighting~ Changmin hyung~ I love you, kekeke… Yunho hyung, fighting~ Minsung hyung, are you happy? Byungjun hyung, I’ll win again for you later! Good work to trainers Jinwook hyung, Minkwon hyung… Heejin nuna~ Not everyone can be a photographer, hehe… Jaewon hyung for the Wow choreography, American Sanghoon hyung, Mujika~ Rino nuna~ and Kyungseok hyung, fighting~ Yoo Jin~~~~su…eegahaha… Hahahaha. Bff Duri nuna, keke… Squash Sungsoo hyung~ Improve your skills a little~ Jenny nuna~ The concert was fun, wasn’t it? First BB friend Chairman Tak, keke.. Sanghee nuna~ Jisun nuna~ Leein nuna~ Director Park Junyoung for always taking pictures nicely, Conducter Son Youngcha, Seokgi hyung, Wonho hyung, Jiwook hyung, Hyunjung nuna, and always our Yang nuna~ Thank you. ^^ Heeya… Director Heo~ Hehe. We have to have a game match~ Director Jin, Director Le, Director Goo~ Heejun nuna~! Jungah nuna, Jungah nuna, Jungah nuna, hehe. I’ll always do a 90 degree bow… Boa nuna who came to watch the musical~^^ President Nam, hehe, Kyuhyun hyung~ Don’t be sick. TT Bora nuna~^^ Chef Rokgi hyung! It’s an unforgettable memory, right…^^? Haha, Boomin nuna~ Your bicycle sells the best~ Lion hyung~ What up-Bbol hyung, Minseok, and be strong, Junmyun~ Direcor Ha Sangbaek who always gives us cool clothes to wear~ Bae Yumi, Nam Younggu, Wonkyung nuna, Jigi?? Come over to play… You guys are the best at hairstyles! Rider Minjung nuna, Bae Yoonjung, Ddoongjina, Miss Sara, Bu Sanmyung nuna who puts a blackboard on my face, Bae Hyunhee, Jo Miryo… Hi Inkyu and Minkyu during the 2 years~ Recently discharged Jawon~ Saemjun hyung… and Jongmin, just wait a little longer~ Be strong, Sergeant Yang! Im Euiri, thanks for Colssium~ Soongyu(Sunny), you’re… haha… Taeng, Sooyoung, Yuri, Miyoung(Tiffany), Hyoyeon, let me see your faces, keke. f(x) friends!! I bought 9 copies of your album! Representative Sang who was a great strength to me when I was in the musical, Jang Yeonchul, Jinkyu hyung, and Sica nuna for the recommendation. The actors. ^^ Hoon hyung, Moonsung hyung, Seowoong hyung, Seho hyung, Jihoon hyung, Jay hyung, Jaeman hyung, haha, Mom Im Sunae…? Haha, Juwon nuna, Dayeon nuna, Sumi nuna, Yoojung nuna, camera directors, please continue to take care of me~! Sungjoon hyung, you are the coolest guy… Russia Boram nuna~ Please take good care of me, keke. Our hyungs Sangmin hyung and Yooseob hyung, we have to go work out this time…keke. Lastly, I didn’t forget our SHINee World, did I? Thank you so so much for going on with us. ^^ I hope only good things happen..^^ Let’s smile & live~~
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Wow~ It’s already the second official album..!! I have so many people I want to thank…^^ There are so much people who toiled for this album… Then should I start.. Firstly, thank you teacher Lee Sooman for being the biggest help for letting us SHINee shine. And CEO Kim Youngmin who always gives us good advice, chairman Jung Chunghwan who always greets us with smiles~! Thank you^^ Chairman Yoo Youngjin who always gives us the honor of great songs, thank you ^^ Youngjoon hyung who always has a headache because of our schedules, Jin hyung who’s hard to see nowadays, SHINee’s tallest Kyungsik hyung, Martian danaca Seungup hyung, you’re always working so hard because of us? ke Minsung hyung who got married really quickly just a bit ago…are you happy lately?? Ke I wonder if Kyungjae hyung is doing well after you left us? ke Jihong unni left us as well!! Keke (Jihong unni is a man.) The managers who are always together with us everywhere, thank you. ^^ Grass-hair Sungsu hyung, why are you avoiding me as well. Why are all the people I thanked on the 1st album avoiding me, why? ke Duri noona who got dark circles down to her chin because you were shuttling good songs from overseas… you’re so sexy!! Doldol left me to somewhere faraway. I suddenly want to see Kenzie noona while I’m writing my Thanks To. Kenzie noona, I’m actually your fan… ke Taesung hyung who wrote a good song for us this time too! Ke teach me how to write lyrics.. ke Ryan!! Hyung!! Thanks for good songs!! It finally went in. The sidekick!! Hyungkyu hyung, Obsession is the first song I wrote lyrics for in my life keke. Thank you so much for everyone who worked hard on every song of our official second album. Sangbaek hyung who revealed all of my back, Heejin noona who’s becoming prettier nowadays! When I’m with you two, for some reason I feel a 4-dimension aura. Why is that? But it’s a good feeling. Minja, get married already. I’ll sing ?Hyeya? for you as a congratulations. Or ?Wrongful meeting?… ke Jungmyung noona has to get married too. It’s already too late. Hurry up and go. Yoomi noona… that…never mind…. Fighting……………… Hyunhee noona, your short hair suits you much better! Hair Yoonjung noona, congratulations on becoming a teacher. Ke.. Miae noona will be really pretty if you lose weight, Sarah, I love you a lot ke ke ke Thank you every staff who work hard on our outfits and makeup.. he. In the end we didn’t get to do a lesson… Teacher Bongjin I’m getting ruined. Ke ke Hurry up and pull me back up… My hero Jaewon hyung.. Time is gold, friend~! Wow~~ Steven Sangwoon hyung, did you enjoy America?? SHINee’s I’ve been fooled~ I’ve been fooled~ I’ve been fooled~ Kyungsuk hyung, ke ke. Now you have to make our dance, shouldn’t you?? Ke Jinyoung hyung’s hand always warmly and deeply helps me understand. I’m always grateful. We were only possible because of you hyungs. Thank you. Jungah noona!! Thank you!! How you notice everything so sharply makes me wince.. ke. Which Junah noona is this?? Ke Yooeun noona~ Ohgong had his comeback ke. Ahreum noona~ Can I use the training room?? Ke Training noonas who’re always so warm~ When I’m with you I feel like I’m back to being a trainee and my heart gets lighter. Thank you ^^ Yoonju noona!!! You always make us laugh~ Thank you! ^^! Yiyin noona, you work so hard getting us food overseas. I miss you TT TT Jungwon hyung!! Buy me meat!! Hyung is always support to me as well. Ke ke. Kyunghoon, is it warm over there? Jiyoung, I wrote you here now you can show off, okay? Pretty boy Kyuhyun hyung, hold me one more time! Dalrae who overreacts all the time, how’s you and your boyfriend doing? Ke. Grandma Yeo, you eagle, are you sure are you living in America?? Sooyeon, always have a warm heart~ Myungseo, how’s the baby named Roche or Reche? Ke. Hyejin, Anna, sorry ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Princess Sunhwa sorry I can’t contact you all the time, study your hardest, he. Sojin~ You’re the birth of my old man, you~ Howoon, I’ll go visit you once with Girls’ Generation’s signature ke ke. Jin, I forgot all my piano skills… Taejin, my phone number’s still the same… Call me sometime… Sica noona, how do you fit an elephant into the fridge?? Ke. JInho, burst up everything inside you, yo. MBLAQ! Jjoonie hyung, let’s go exercise, go go. Hyung’s a funny person. He. Chansung hyung~ Buy me food ke ke. Hyunyoung~ You buy me meat, too. Wheesung hyung, hyung’s really always busy.. Jungyup hyung, teach me songs.. ke. Eunjung who says life’s just once ke ke.. sleep when it’s late ke. My friend Yijung~ Can we become friend? Ke. Yo Amber~ Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m worried about you.. Yoosup hyung, let’s have a chin-up match, I’ll win. My dongsaeng, Mole Soojung… You’re too smart… Aja aja prettily! ^^ Yoonjung noona~ Are you doing well?? You’re a big support to me as well. Everyone… Everyone who supports me warmly, don’t worry. All of you will do well. Crybaby Heejoon noona, you’re really a big support to me. Whenever I think about you I’m always sorry… Whatever you say is right ^^ Thank you. Lastly, the reason I live, family, music and Minho, Jinki, Taemin, Kibum… SHINee. And SHINee World!!!!!!!! Are you watching!?!? It’s our second album… The people who always are our strength… I want to give you as much as we get, but it’s always lacking. Always sorry and thank you. I hope we can have good memories with this album as well… And now lastly it’s time to thank you, who’s been reading this. (_______) Thank you~! Love you~! Write your name, he.
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An album we have prepared very hard for has come out yet again! Thank you, God. Teacher Lee Sooman, who has always paid attention to us and helped us out a lot. President Nam Soyoung in Japan, who tells us good things. Thank you Youngjun hyung, Jin hyung, Gyungsik hyung, and Seungyeob hyung for busily running around for our sake. Director Yoo Youngjin who worked hard this time as well, cool guy Sungsoo hyung who picked out the tracks, and charming voice Duri nuna! Thank you Jungah nuna, Heejun nuna, Areum nuna, and Yooeun nuna who have ke~pt on watching over me since I was a trainee. Thank you Director Park Junyoung who always puts in a lot of effort whenever we shoot music videos, haha. Thank you so much to Heejin nuna for creating concepts every album, just for SHINee, and working on the visuals. Eunah nuna, Sanghee nuna, and Jisun nuna are the best for working hard at promotions. Yunjoo nuna is also the best for going through so much since we debuted and for always listening to what I have to say!! Leein nuna who really works passionately when we go overseas. Trainer Lee for working hard on our voices! Trainer Goo! Trainer Jin! It’s (their voices) perfect, haha. And the entire SM family who do their best for SHINee! I sincerely thank you. Super best Minjung nuna, Teacher Ban, Yoonjung nuna, hard working Jina nuna, and little Sara nuna, who always do our hair. Super best Jungmyung nuna, good personality Hyunghee nuna, and kind Miae nuna who always do our make-up~ Thank you~ Director Ha Sangbaek who makes us cool clothes! Yumi nuna(Baeoom), Dahee nuna(Ddoongtae), Nayoung nuna(Nam Younggu) are the best~ The doctor of all things Kyungjae hyung, daebak choreography Changseop hyung! Kyungseok hyung who we live together with! Blunt Hyukjoo hyung. Jinsu hyung! Daebak, daebak, MY FRIEND! Jaejin who I really love! Nicole who is always by my side, giving me advice and guiding me! Cute maknae Jiyoung~ Seunghyun who plays the guitar well~ ’91 male idols! Thanks “quiet~” nice and helpful Jinwoon, overreactive Mir, far-sighted Dongwoon. T-ara’s only, Hyomin nuna! We are oh! After! English teacher! Really friendly Bekah nuna~ Same aged, easy-going Nana, fashion-gushing Junhyung hyung, messenger colleague Seungho hyung~ Awesome rapper JQ hyung, kind husband Jinu hyung, Boomin nuna, judgemental Hyunsung hyung. Mi-Ah-Ki(T/N: Raising Idols) main cast! Cute Dongho, Chundoong hyung who we created an imitation for, keke. BEG nunim(T/N: Nunim is more respectful than nuna.) Miryo nuna who is good at this and that! Fashionable aunt, Narsha nuna! And my friends! Minho who is working hard in his college life, Sojin who I’m close with and will do well in America, Kyungtae hyung who takes good care of me, Dongju who is studying hard from far away, Dongmin and Yeonwook who know even if I don’t say, fun Kyungdeok, cool Hyungshin, and my dongsaeng Daechul. Good nunas! Sehee nuna, umchinddal(T/N: perfect daughter) Hyomin nuna~ Stella, oooo, Jinwoong, Eunji nuna, Jinhaeng hyung, Sunghee, Jjojjo, Areum, Chanyeol, Canmi, thank you all! And my son Yoogeun! Grow up well~ SHINee World who has been watching over us since our debut! I adore you and love you~ I’ll become a Key that will show you an even better image in the future! Lastly, to my mom, dad, and grandma whom I love and are always by my side, endlessly supporting me, thank you and I love you~ To my grandpa, grandma(T/N: mother’s side), and grandpa(T/N: mother’s side) in heaven, please watch over mer well~ I’ll work hard. There was help from a lot of people to release another album. I sincerely thank you and I will become a harder working Key. We are one! ‘-‘
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All the hard workers toiled to get SHINee’s second album out. I’m thankful again and again to teacher Lee Sooman for taking care of us, helping us and leading us to the larger road, to CEO Kim Youngmin for caring about us and helping us, to CEO Nam Soyoung for advising us and helping us, to chairman Yoo Youngjin for giving us great songs and advising us and teaching us how to work hard, and to chairman Jung Changhwan for always smiling at us. And the SM Manager hyungs that go everywhere for us! Youngjoon hyung, who is forever our hyung! We’ll do our best from now on~ General Minsung hyung who play Winning with me and scold me gently for things I do wrong! Congratulations on your marriage~ Kind and correct Kyungchang hyuyng, SuJu’s base Byungjoon hyung, really tall and helpful Sungwoo hyung, busy with dramas but goal-in to marriage Jooyoung hyung, not funny comedy but serious Ohbum hyung, light up your future like that Sungyong hyung, handsome, cool and lively Seunghwan hyung, even though you’re not on our team.. The always hungry and thankful Daebin hyung, and even though it was for a short time, who treated us well, dragon-obsessed Yongduk hyung, the manager noona we share lots of memories with~ Jihong hyung, SoShi combination Hyojin hyung, Sungman hyung, busy even though you don’t seem it Minkwon hyung, someone who should be SM soccer player Jinwook hyung, and lastly to Kyungjae hyung who strayed off but was a large help! I’m always so happy and confident to be with the best of the managers~ Please look after me, and I’ll do my best! Heejoon noona, you’re the biggest support and it’s really good luck to have met you~ Sorry and thank you! Kang Jungah noona who we’ll see more often at the stations than at the training rooms, Lee Jungah noona who takes care of the training rooms, Jungmin noona who’s busy visiting America, Ahreum noona whose Chinese appeal is so cute~, Yooeun noona who has too much stress, because of your training we were able to stand here~ The best A&R in our country!!! Sungsoo hyung who’s so good at making songs and does the best for us, Duri noona who works so hard and picks us the best song, Jenny noona who suddenly because our support, MISS U~ Yoonjung noona who’s the rope that takes care of the Junior hyungs’ songs, pretty Hyejin noona who’s so good at Japanese, and chairman Park Junyoung who works so hard to give us the best MVs~ Thank you, Heejin noona, who we can’t do anything without and is always pretty~ Chairman and MV director Son Young who works so hard for us, Wonho hyung who left us with good memories and always had advice for us, Jiwook hyung who’s always happy and has an iron man’s stamina, Sukgi hyung who runs even to dangerous places for good pictures~ Hyunjung noona who never loses her smile even when it’s hard~ Yoonju noona who always runs to us and takes care of us and monitors and takes cute pictures of us, Eunah noona who always promotes us for good articles, and Sanghee noona who always take care of our interviews! Jisun noona who helps so much!! Hyosil noona who’s the answer that helps us be with a lot of fans, Hyeyoung noona who takes care of SoShi, Jungah noona who takes care of all the SuJu fans, best gag Wooyong hyung who’s working very hard in China, chairman Dongwoo who will work very hard in Japan for SM, take care of us in Japan! Seungjin nonna who always looks so young~ Yiyin noona who seduces me with BB cream and talks with soccer even overseas, good looking~ Minwook hyung who always tells us many memories and only the truth, Director Namgoong at the Basement Universe Recording studio who always makes good songs even better, Director Kim who records all night, Director Koo who’s new but works so fast, we’ll become SHINee who conquers not only Korea and Asia but the whole word~ I’m always so happy to work with the best of the SM staff.

Our company’s legend! Chairman An who became even cooler after he came back from the army, BoA noona who’s so kind and cool and supports us so well~!! Don’t be stressed! Yunho hyung who was such a big help with good advice and cool experience, fighting with your musical!! My hero Changmin hyung, who I can’t live without and is a super star, world star and the max good looking and cool! Hyung, thank you so much~ The Super Junior hyung that I spent my youth with! This generation’s real leader and my teacher! Teukie hyung~ Hyung, you’re the best! Heenim who accepted me, Heechul hyung! Hahaha, FM Yesung who has a heart like Ferguson, Shindong hyung who’s everyone’s energy~ Congratulations! Super Junior’s almighty Sungmin hyung~ too thin Ryeowook hyung~ Best dancer crybaby Hyukjae, Eunhyuk hyung, you haven’t forgotten what we talked about, right? Kyuhyun hyung who got a hyung line, Kyu line’s front man! You really have to do the Kyu line hyung, okay? Don’t be sick! My bro Siwon hyung who leads me well through my road! I’ll follow you soon~ My perfect Donghae hyung who’s always a good hyung and a friend! I’m happy and elated that I have you! And Youngwoon hyung~ Come back well! I’ll be working my best! TRAX~ hyungs~ who are the best band in Korea~ Really good looking and cool Jay hyung~ The best guitarist and hidden gabber, Jungmo hyung~ You’ll teach me guitar, right? Hyungs~~ The dongsaengs are watching you! The nation’s girl group! Girls’ Generation! Hard working leader Taeyeon noona, you’re so cool~ My noona Sooyoung noona, I cut my hair~ Tiffany noona who really sparkles like a jewel~ Sica noona who I got close to~ Sunny noona who’s so cute on stage and on variety shows~ Hyoyeon noona who’s the best in memory and dance and Seohyun who’s a serious same-age friend but is actually funny without knowing~ good luck!! And Yoona noona who always helps and is the prettiest! Noona you know what I said, right? Yuri noona who I’m thankful and sorry to.. I won’t forget! Ri-in noona who’s the miracle of China, and our first hoobae f(x)! Cute Victoria noona~ Practice your Korean! Sunyoung who’s the best at singing~ Amber who exercises a lot! Cute Sulli that I want to make my little sister, and pretty Sujung that is as good as sports as I am~ You’re the best! Listen to what I say~ We’re SM Town!

My homeroom teachers at high school, and Konkook university’s professors, thanks to your teaching I was able to grow better~ Thank you teacher Kim Eunkyung who always gave me lots of advice and teachings, and teacher An Hyukmo for teaching me how to act well~ Youngman hyung thank you so much for making my body better~ And STAGYM Jaeyoung hyung, Yunjae hyung, Jaehyuk hyung, Jooyoung hyung, Hyunsang hyung~ Thank you! Minhyun hyung~ I won’t forget your warning! Hyundo hyung~ I’ll go back when I grow~ Joosuk hyung, good luck with this album! Jongkook hyung, thank you always for the compliments! And Sangchu!! Bro~ Hyung, I’m following you! You’re the best~! Let’s Go Dream team’s PDs and writer noonas, Changmyung hyung, Sangin hyun, Danny hyung~ Thank you for making the memories of my ages 19 and 20~ Thank you~ Chihong hyung who I got to know by doing Dream Team~ There’s always a chance! Professor Yeo Hongchul! I got and learned so much from you, professor! Thank you for taking me in as your student! 2PM Junho hyung! I’m so happy I get to make memories with you~ Shinyoung nonna who’s the best! I miss your radio~ And Okchul hyung! Best of luck in what you do~ Let’s make more memories together~ Mubank MC and cool actor Joongki hyung! I’ll pay next time! Our son Yoogeun who we met at Hello Baby~ I love you so much and I care about you! You have to grow up well!! My friend Byungjin~ Let’s do our best! You know I only have you. Kunkook university 07 friends~ Let’s go even more forward! My new best frined Gunmo! Hurry up and come out~ Sojin who’s going to America~ Have fun~ Thank you ^^ Howoon hyung who went to army, come back soon! JQ hyung who taught me rap! You know I’m really grateful, right?? Joonmyun who I care about? do you know I really care about you? Treat me well~! Minji noona who helped me come to SM! You’re working with a different Minho hyung, but think about me too~ Yoonjung noona! Thanks to you I grew up~ and I’m this big now! I’ll become even beter ^^ You know you mean a lot to me right, noona? The perfect hyung beat burger Jaewon hyung~ You understand me, right? I’ll be even a better dongsaeng~ Our Michael Jackson who went to America, Sanghun hyung! Come back soon~ Gyungsuk hyung who made me human! Because of you, I exist~ Changsub hyung who always helps! Yoo~~ Jinsoohyung who always feels like more of a friend than a hyung! Good! Junghun hyung, who’s one place is bigger than anyone else~ Jjaenghoonie hyung~ Best mask Hyukjoo hyung! Even now when I see you I get scared~ Clapping Soomin hyung, don’t be worried~ Thank you for every stage you made for us! Chairman Ha Sangbaek, thank you always for the cool outfits! Boney Minjung noona who makes our hairstyles~ Head of family Jungmyung noona who makes our makeup the best~ Yoonjung noona who knows my style, let’s become a better teacher! Jinah noona, you’re fat! Lose weight! Shorty Sarah noona~ Hyunhee noona who has a mouthpiece on~ Mihye noona who’ll be pretty if you lose weight~ Betrayer Yoomi noona who fights and gets hit often~ Our new family Namyung noona~ Thank you so much for treating all of us well. All the staff, thank you and sorry~ We’ll do better!!! Our manager hyungs who spend the whole day with us through pain and happiness.. I don’t know how to thank you.. Jin hyung! We’re so indebted to you~ We won’t disappoint you and I’ll fulfill my dream and what you said! Our soldier Kyungsik hyung! Hyung~ You know I’m always thankful right? Where do you think friendship between men go? New family Martian Seungup hyung~ Hyung, you have to go on forward with us from now on~ We’ll pay back for every minute you toiled! Thank you so much~

Lastly my family.. Dad, mom, hyung, I really love you and I’m sorry I can’t say it so well all the time. The maknae son will work harder and treat you better~ Mom, Dad I love you~ And hyung! I believe in you, okay? Hyung’s the best, have fun at army~ Loyal! I’ll become like dad and mom~ I love you, my family! And really the last, SHINee WORLD! It’s already been two years~ Let’s make as good memories as the past time~ Really, I’m always thankful. I love you~ This album is for all the hard working staff and fans and my lovely Onew Jonghyun key Taemin. I thank all of you once more and we’ll be SHINee who’s always modest and never forgets our purpose! Thank you members! Forever………………………………..
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It’s already the 2nd album… First of all, my family who has helped me come all the way here!!!^^ Mom, dad, hyungnim(T/N: More respectful way to say hyung), Adam, and Eve (T/N: Adam & Eve are his pets)!!!^^ And Teacher Lee Sooman who has created SHINee, President Kim Youngmin who tells us good things, President Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwan, Director Yoo Youngjin, thank you so much. Our manager hyungs! Jin hyung, Gyungshik hyung, Seungeop hyung, Kyungjae hyung, Youngjun hyung… Thank you so much. And to Sungsoo hyung, Duri nuna, Yoonjoo nuna, Sanghee nuna, Hyoshil nuna, Heejin nuna, Director Ha Sangbaek, Minjung nuna, Jungmyung nuna, Yoonjung nuna, Jina nuna, Sara nuna, Hyunghee nuna, Yumi nuna, Jihye nuna, Namyoung nuna, and Wonkyung nuna who have always been with me, thank you all very much! And dad Kyungseok hyung, and Wow Steven, Jaewon hyung, thriller Sanghoon hyung, thank you for always going so much x100. TT.. And Heejun nuna who always takes care of me like a mom!!^^ You’re the best~~ Ah! That’s right!! Debut quickly and let’s see each other! You know who you are, right? Punks, haha. The tanned neighborhood kids that I love. As expected, I really like Banghakdong(T/N: Where Taem’s from). Let’s get together later, haha. Yunjae, don’t get mad.^^ Ah, Son Hyerin, you’re like a ghost… And… our Jiwon, I’m always sorry… You know we’re always going forward together, right?? I always want to see you.. You’re the best. ^^ Thank you for making the wish I made at the end of the year…. And please help us out a lot so that we can be the best in the next 5 years. And another one… We’re always going forward together with our SHINee World! Thank you.
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11 thoughts on “SHINee’s Comeback #23 SHINee’s ‘Thanks To’ Messages in Lucifer Album

  1. kok kayaknya shinee ini akrab banget yah ama snsd?
    tapi kok ya suju cuma nama jyuhyun aja yg rata2 keluar dari mulut mereka? apa suju ma shinee krg akrab ya? yah beda generasi sih siya

  2. hahaa iya nih~
    mana paling jes nyess tuh pas onew bilang “Hyoyeon, let me see your faces, keke~” huhu..
    tp ai liat di night star episode yg bareng snsd, onew emang keliatan deket bgt ma mereka..
    ah aku cemburu~ 😛

  3. mungkin krna sama2 89 kali ya ii…
    akh kita2 juga kan 89..akrab ama kita aja nyu!
    gua curiga nih disuruh/dipaksa nulis ama snsd/ama bos s.m
    haha-siap2 gua dijambak soshi yg mampir ke blog ai

  4. ah onyuh! sama kita ajaaa~ kita asik2 ko orangnya~ wakakakak
    hahaha kok kita jadi terkesan antis snsd sih *maklum ya kita emang cemburu kok, kita ngaku hehe~*

  5. Minho’s was loooong!! So many hyungs and noonas to thank XD
    And Taeminnie’s was really short 😀
    He’s the cutest thing on earth..thanking his pets :3

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