SHINee’s Comeback #25 SHINee’s Photocard Message+Picture in Lucifer Album

Finally we have met~!
As long as the wait has been
let’s make memories one by one..!!

Thank you so much for buying our album~!!
We’ve put in a lot of our sincerity,
so please listen to it nicely~!! ♡♡
Your ear will be purified!!!!

Let’s smile big always so we can meet with a happy heart~!
Please give lots of love to Lucifer~! Bbiting~!*
*Cute way of saying fighting

SHINee’s second official album has come out!
For always having interest and love for us,
thank you and thank you again~
We will aim to become a SHINee who works harder
and never lose sight of our original goals!

*update later

Translation credits : eunhyuk@livejournal

mau semua photocardnyaaaaaaa~~~ XD


10 thoughts on “SHINee’s Comeback #25 SHINee’s Photocard Message+Picture in Lucifer Album

  1. apa saya sunguh sungguh akan ambil resiko beli tipe be aja?
    oduh Tuhaaan~
    ps: yg potocard jonghyun kok kyk bukan jonghyun ya?mukanya agak beda gitu.haha.peace

  2. huaaaa fotonya lucu2 yaaa..pengen semuaaaaaaaa XD
    wah meu.. tentukan pilihan hidupmu~ halah apasih
    yg B gada potocard lohh… hehe

  3. hi every one , hi my dear members of sinee .
    you are the best group all over the world so keep your situation and prove it .
    i love all of you but minho more than anyone in this world so my minho oppa if you read this please just be sure in every corner of this world there is one who’s every breath is depend on yours ,
    In this world
    Let me only love you
    love you more than myself .

  4. Thanks for posting ^^
    I got the Taemin photocard and was wondering what it said on the back.

  5. Hello! 😀 I bought the Lucifer album and I have Key’s photo card (I got my fave. yay! LUCKY LUCKY! <3) and I was wondering what it said on the back.. Many thanks if you could answer it. I must know! Lotsalove . 🙂 :*

  6. Uwaahh.. I wish I had one….
    I wish I had Minho’s X3
    What Taemin wrote was sooo cute!
    Nyahaha My ears were purified indeed 😀

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