SHINee’s Comeback #26 SHINee’s Comeback Stage @ Music Bank 100723 + MR Removed [+HD download link]

DOWNLOAD Shinee & Super Junior – Waiting room
DOWNLOAD Shinee – Up&Down + Lucifer

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MR Removed SHINee at Music Bank:

SHINee once again proves their perfect live skills through a MR-removed video released.
SHINee had their comeback stage with their 2nd full length album title song ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Up & Down’ performances on KBS 2TV Music Bank on 23rd July.

The video released after the performance online had garnered great interests and through the MR-removed video, it can be seen that the boys did a 100% live performance. And their live performance skills is comparable to their CD recorded vocal standards.

This comes in the midst of idol groups being criticised as *’5-seconds singers’ as SHINee proves that they are capable of good live performances.

Meanwhile, netizens’ comments include “Is this live or CD?”, “SHINee is really the evolved idols” etc.

*’5-seconds singers’: There has been news reports discussing the recent criticisms of Korean idol singers as ’5-seconds singers’, only needing to sing 5~6 seconds when they perform on stage. This is mostly due to the growing idol group member count. The reports also zoom into the point that idol groups are not made just to sing these days, they have to act and appear on variety shows and advance to other overseas music markets. It is no longer the same as looking at them as just ‘singers’. The article, in fact, quotes Korean idol singers to be at a standard higher than those in other Asian countries.

credit : kbites


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