100731 MBC Music Core: Everyone Loves Minho (Fan Account)

The boys came out in an orderly manner.
When the Lucifer music played, Onew carried Minho on his back.
The hand movements were all done by Minho when Onew was carrying him.
Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, the part after that was still Jonghyun’s.
Minho who was being carried by Onew, said something to Jonghyun? Jonghyun showed his fist to Minho
Well anyway, Onew was carrying Minho and Minho danced like that.

When it was the handcuff move time, Minho came down. The other four continued dancing seriously
Minho stood on the right of the stage, with his hands moving with the choreography
When it was his turn, Minho stood at the front and danced, with his leg moving carefully and his hands moving seriously.

Minho was still present on stage, and danced with the rest
After that Taemin carried Minho, his hand and little finger swaying along with the music
Just like how it was, during boys on top
After Taemin carried him for awhile, Minho returned to the back of stage and concentrated on his dance
Key suddenly waved his fist at Minho? Minho replied with his fist too? They looked like they were fooling around
The next performer was SE7EN so the boys went off the stage

Today is Minho’s day!
I can’t remember anything else

Source: DC+Minhoney
Translation: XiMu
Translation ch-eng: Kylene@WRS
Credit: WRS

SHINee’s Comeback Stage @ Music Core 100731 [HD download link+fancams]


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