• Mum: Why can’t you help more around the house?
• Why are your clothes always on the floor?
• Why can’t you wash the dishes every once in a while?
• Why can’t you get A+ at school?
• You don’t appreciate what I do around the house; I cook, clean, wash your clothes, feed you, raise you up and look how you repay me.
• You’re so ungrateful.
• Why don’t you go out with your friends more often?
• Why are you always hugging your laptop?
• Why is your laptop always on?
• etc.
• etc.
• etc.
• …
• …
• …
• …
• Me: Heartless. Mindless. No one, who cares about me.

cr: tumblr, hv no idea



Haha  this is an amazing HD photo~ all kinds of details… from left to right:

Lay: ayo! what’s that on my hand?!?

Su Ho: ahhh falling! who has my back?

Se Hun: let me kill some fangirls with my fierce eyes…

Lu Han: I can move like Neil in The Matrix!

Chen: you guys stop blocking me! i can’t even see!

Tao: you want sexy? i’ll give you sexy! *grabs crotch*

Kai: whaaa??? some crotch-grabbed before I did? this is unacceptable!

Baek Hyun: yo Kai, get on with it! grab your crotch like this~

cr: baidu luhan bar