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When every member gets to stand beside TaeTiSo….



….. Byun Baekhyun, SNSD’s No. 1 Fanboy, gets cockblocked by Leader Suho once again.

(Cr. smtown facebook)

omg i am really starting to feel sorry about baekhyun’s sad fanboy life omo :)))

also joonmyeon you are korea’s number 1 cockblock. you are the guardian…of cocks coming into contact with things. you are a living breathing chastity belt

Reblog if you want EXO-K in Hello Baby.




  • baekyeol – dorks parents.
  • kai – always shy if make mistake.
  • sehun talks to the baby – lips language.
  • Suho – make an angel face so the baby fall asleep.
  • D.O – only looks at the baby.

IT’S okay, but pls, I don’t want some girls joining them in the show LOL! pretty pls? XD

no they will probably kill the baby or something


• Mum: Why can’t you help more around the house?
• Why are your clothes always on the floor?
• Why can’t you wash the dishes every once in a while?
• Why can’t you get A+ at school?
• You don’t appreciate what I do around the house; I cook, clean, wash your clothes, feed you, raise you up and look how you repay me.
• You’re so ungrateful.
• Why don’t you go out with your friends more often?
• Why are you always hugging your laptop?
• Why is your laptop always on?
• etc.
• etc.
• etc.
• …
• …
• …
• …
• Me: Heartless. Mindless. No one, who cares about me.

cr: tumblr, hv no idea